2017 Reflections

Hey guys!

This year has definitely been quite a journey! So many amazing, beautiful, inspiring things took place that I was able to grow from. Never has a year been so drastically different from beginning to end in my life (maybe except for last year, when I went from a single Pringle to a married lady :P)

There were so many highlights to this year:

My husband and I adopted our two little precious, very vocal, needy, catnip loving kitties! Taco and Waffle are our furry children and I cannot imagine sleeping through the night without one of them nestled beside me.


I had the chance to move into the city and experienced living a more urban lifestyle. I loved being able to go out past midnight and still have things open around me!

I discovered what career path I wanted to uptake and started working towards learning all aspects of it! However, I have come to understand that it will take time and lots of hard work and persistence to turn that goal into a reality. There are many sacrifices I had to make, such as leaving the city and not working anymore, to achieve my ultimate goal. I also had to learn to let go of the fear I had of failing. You never know what you can achieve if you are too scared to try!

I traveled with my best friend to major cities around the US. It was so much fun experiencing this with the love of my life. Exploring and getting lost in foreign streets only increased our love for each other and strengthened our relationship. We had the chance to try new foods, discover new places, and learn more about these cities together!

This year, we were given the biggest surprise and blessing of becoming pregnant! The most valuable lesson I have learned during this process has been that my body is more than just a prop for personal vanity, but rather it is a vessel for helping grow a life.

I started the pregnancy solely worrying about how my body would change and probably never look the same again; how I would gain weight and stretch marks.But with only 10 weeks or less left in the game, I wish I had spent more time marveling at how strong my body was to be able to adapt so quickly to another life form growing in it; how it automatically began providing nutrients and space for him to grow and live. I have so much love for my big belly and really appreciate my body for what it can do now. I cannot wait for how much my life is about to change after he is born, for so many great things have already happened since we found out about him!

2017 was a drastic year- I was faced with a collection of new situations and learned so many things. It was a year full of happiness, love, adventures, and family. I can’t wait for 2018 💙


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