Lifestyle Changes

Hey guys!

As I progress through this pregnancy, I’ve thought a lot about how I want to raise my child. I’ve always struggled with maintaining a balance in any aspect in my life, usually teetering on the edge of obsession.

One promise I have made to myself and my growing family is I will work on being moderate in everything I do, whether that is health, education, my profession, or anything else I encounter in my life. My new focus in life is to be healthy, happy, and balanced.

I am currently in between changing fields in my profession. Graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology left me with very few options career wise. I realized that being a recruiter did not bring me happiness, and I would rather be content in what I do than make immediate money. This has been a struggle because I am the kind of person who expects instant results. I have been studying user experience design for a few months now, and although have learned and become proficient in many programs, am still a few months away from being good enough to design professionally.


I have also realized that my eating habits have been complete shit- yes, eating whatever you want is definitely mentally freeing, but I was barely eating three vegetables a week- which is not healthy physically. I want to be in great physical and mental health so that my son has a great example of what he should strive to be for his health. Amin and I decided to have one last day of pig eating and are dedicated to eating healthy, whole food meals throughout the week with weekend treats as well as to workout multiple times a week.

I am also working on incorporating religion into every aspect and decision of my life, which is not easy. This is especially true nowadays with so many worldly possessions and pleasures making those “right” choices harder. But I have come to realize life is short, and I always feel my best when I’m doing something good for mankind and my spirituality. I don’t believe it is morally acceptable to be strutting around in designer clothes and accessories if I can’t contribute to helping someone who can’t even afford a meal for themselves.


These lifestyle changes will take time, it usually takes a month before a regimen becomes habit, but I am dedicated to being my best self! I don’t know if I would have ever stopping being a recruiter if I didn’t have this little man on the way, and I definitely wouldn’t have realized any of this so soon and collectively.

Life works in funny ways, and I can’t help but be constantly reminded that everything happens for a reason, and always for the better. Don’t do something that makes you unhappy- mentally, physically, or spiritually. We are in charge of our own happiness!

These are just self thoughts and decisions. I definitely am not someone to judge, and if you have a different opinion, that’s awesome! Again, we’re all in charge of our own happiness, whatever that may be.

Till next time friends!


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