I can smell EVERYTHING

Hey guys!

I feel like my spidey senses have kicked in during the second trimester!

I thought I already had an acute sense of smell considering my nickname as a child was bloodhound. However, my sense of smell has multiplied tenfold and I am able to detect exactly when my mother in law is slicing onions (we’re a floor apart!) or when the hubby fills gas in the car because I can smell it on his shirt.

It’s been driving me bonkers! We live in a smelly world my friends, like, kudos to dogs who are always in a good mood because… how.

The only vice I have is overdosing my diffuser with peppermint oil. The smell is super soothing (elevates mood and focus!) and distracts me from everything else I can detect.

TMI? I’m not sure, but I definitely think it’s something to note and put out there for all my pregnant sisters.

Till next time!

Smell on my friends- and please wear deodorant. ❤️


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