It’s a…

Hey guys!

Wow, 20 weeks. I have hit the halfway mark! It has been quite the journey so far.

About 16 weeks ago I was oblivious to the little munchkin inside me and was going about my everyday chaotic life, when my husband noticed I was craving foods that I definitely wouldn’t have regularly wanted.

I am definitely a sweet tooth, and if I ever want anything special for breakfast, it is pancakes or waffles. Around that time, however, all I wanted to eat were tacos and wings!

Amin knew something was up and urged me to get a pregnancy test- he knew I was pregnant because there was no way in hell non pregnant Maleeha would ever, I mean EVER, want savory foods besides plain eggs for breakfast.

I, on the other hand, thought this was probably just a craving I had and decided to humor him. Little did I know, 3 tests later, that I would have to face the reality that I was going to be a mom!

Ladies, for those of you reading this, I know of at least 7 women who have gotten pregnant on birth control. It wasn’t even as if we used the same method or brand either! It is crazy, but like in my last post, I believe everything happens for a reason.

(If you’d like an in depth on how my first trimester was, ugly truth and all, let me know in the comments!)

Fast forward 4 months and we officially know what little munchkin is going to be!

We’re so excited to be expecting a little boy! I always wanted an older brother, and as a child, told my mother that if I were to ever have children, I would hope to have a boy first. God was listening to my childhood wishes!

shoes and shoulder.JPG

Amin surprised me with a mini gender reveal on my birthday and it was the absolute sweetest. He found out the day before, but wanted it to be special for me. With roses, a cake saying “It’s a boy!”, and blue baby clothes splayed out in a cute setup, I discovered that that little munchkin was going to be my son.

As we set upon the second half of this exciting, new journey, I ask for prayers, well wishes, and good vibes for little munchkin and us. We are over the moon and so excited to continue sharing what we learn and discover throughout the next 20 weeks!


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