Jaclyn Hill Palette Review and Thin Mints

Hey Guys!

The recent weeks have been a little hard due to a couple deaths in my family, (RIP Bari Nani and Munchkin), however, yesterday, I had the best surprise ever thanks to my sweet hubby.

Amin is regularly my one man audience with whom I share makeup looks with via Instagram, ask opinions on what highlighter or lipstick I should wear, and what beauty items I am dying to get my hands on.

Our one year anniversary is this weekend, and Amin knows I have been obsessing over the Jaclyn Hill palette, so he got one for me!

palette from side

It arrived yesterday, and I immediately ran to the mailroom to retrieve and swatch it right away. Let me tell you, this palette's pigmentation and texture for every single color is F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S. I barely touched the shadows and had enough product on my finger for a full swatch.

I was immediately inspired by the varying pops of color throughout the palette and decided to create this minty blue eyeshadow look which reminds of a Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookie!



This look is a little on the smoky side, and was created using 5 colors altogether. I wanted to create a look with varying depths and was able to achieve it through the many matte shades that are available in the palette.

light brown.png

I started by blending Pooter on my entire crease using a large fluffy blending brush. This is the smooth transition color that will help the blending process with darker colors. It also creates a very blended look.


Next, to deepen my crease, I applied Mocha using a smaller blending brush. The application of this color will be a little bit more precise. That ensures that the colors wont totally mesh and create a dirty look. Rather, it will look blown out! Make sure to lightly blend the edges using a clean fluffy blending brush.

dark brown.png

Central Park is a beautiful dark brown color with purply undertones. It was so easy to apply and evenly blend the tricky color in the outer third of my eye. I did so with a small blending brush. Afterward, I blended the edges with the clean brush!


I wet a flat shader brush with setting spray and applied Pool Party on my lid until meeting the dark brown color. I slowly packed the color on in fear of fall out, however, even when quickly applying the beautiful minty shimmer shade, there was basically no fallout.


To help the two lid colors blend more flawlessly, and to create more depth, I applied Enchanted with a light hand as a transition color. This helped tied the whole look together!

sitting on floor copy

After applying @Chankohair's lashes and some eyeliner, I blended Enchanted and Mocha on my lower lids. Finally, I applied black kohl on my waterline and my favorite mascara.




This look was super easy to create and took no time at all! I definitely believe this palette would be an amazing investment as it has all the colors you would ever need in one palette!


Talk to you guys soon! ❤


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