Carrot Achar (Pickled Carrots)

Hey guys!

Carrot achar is a recipe that has been passed down for generations within my family. It’s not your traditional pickled vegetable though, the carrots remain crunchy.

This recipe is super delicious. It is sour and has a spicy kick to it which is the perfect condiment to any rice dishes!


Another delicious way to eat carrot achar is in a tortilla roll or in a sandwich. Sometimes I grab a fork and just munch on it on its own!

This recipe doesn’t require a specific amount of any ingredients, it’s more of an eyeballing type of recipe. I like mine spicy so like to add quite a bite of red chili powder but it’s all up to you! This is your creation, tailor it to your taste buds! 🙂



  • Baby carrots- 4 cups
  • Cilantro- 1 cup
  • Cilantro seeds- 1/4 cup
  • Lemon juice- 1 cup
  • Olive oil- 1/2 cup
  • Red chili powder- 4 tsp
  • Turmeric- 1 tsp
  • Garlic- 1 tsp


  1. Cut the baby carrots into length wise quarters. They’re bite sized this way! Put into a bowl.


  2. Chop the cilantro finely. Place into the bowl.


  3. As turmeric, red chili powder, cilantro seeds, garlic, lemon, and olive oil into bowl. Stir.


  4. Let sit in fridge overnight. Eat after marinated for a day.

That’s it! You can store the carrot achar in the fridge for a week, although it never lasts more than a couple of days in my household!
I hope you guys love this delicious recipe and snack as much as my family and I do! Let me know when you make it and what you think!



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