My Travel Beauty Essentials

Hi guys!
I’ve been traveling a lot recently and as much fun as it is to explore foreign cities, it isn’t really possible to lug around your whole beauty collection.

I used to try when I’d go on business trips but found that not only would the makeup products use up a lot of precious weight, but I didn’t even use half the products I brought with me!

Since then, I have learned what is essential to my routine and what can be left at home. Of course, sometimes I bring more or different products depending on what occasions I’m traveling for. However, for the most part, I can fit all my beauty products in a medium sized beauty bag!
I don’t really like to pack on too much makeup when I am on a trip, just because I am normally walking for hours on end or staying outdoors and want to be comfortable.
Usually, I’ll just wear my NARS foundation, sans concealer, but if I am planning on going to a nice restaurant or visiting someone, I’ll wear concealer as well.
I may not concealer sometimes, but I will always always ALWAYS wear contour, blush and highlight. On short trips, the Becca blush/highlighter is my go to, with Jaclyn Hill’s second highlight creation, Prosecco Pop. Otherwise, just because I am so obsessed with highlight, I will bring my Anastasia Nicole Guirrero Highlight palette.
I like to set my makeup with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and it does is exactly what the name implies. I can be out from 9 am till midnight but if I spray this magic formula on my face, I do not have to worry about my makeup smudging or wearing off.

It should be obvious that my go to travel palette is the Anastasia Renaissance Palette. It has all the neutral tones I need and if I am interested in a more dramatic look, the red and pinks are perfect for me.
I used to love bringing my Carli Bybel BH Palette as well but recently left it in San Fransisco (sob). If youre looking for some cool tone shadows such as olives and purples, the shadows on this palette are super smooth and blend flawlessly. Bonus- they palette provides highlight shades as well!
If you’re planning on attending a wedding or big event and want your eye makeup to be more glamorous, the Urband Decay Moondust Palette is perfect! It contains a range of high shimmer metallic shades that are ideal for dramatic eye looks!

For eyeliner, Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner is long wearing and basically impossible to remove without coconut oil or a makeup remover product! For those of you who don’t enjoy wearing liquid liner, SmashBox Kohl Liner is super soft and smooth in application and will not budge after a few seconds!
For brows, I have recently been using the Anastasia Dip Brow which is very long-wearing and allows for super precise application when using a small angles brush.  However, I kind of miss my Brow Wiz which was definitely easier to take on the go! I like to set my brows with the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. This holds my stubborn brows under the harshest winds and is one of my favorite products!


When traveling, I like to keeps my looks relatively neutral so the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick is ideal. It dries in two seconds after application, is super long lasting so doesn’t require you to constantly stop at random bathrooms to reapply lipstick, and is my favorite nude! The other lipstick that I like to travel with is the BH Cosmetics Color Lock Lipstick. This AMAZING product cost me $2 on sale and is $5.50 normally! It has a creamy consistently and is surprisingly hydrating on your lips.

I am not going to lie to you and say these are the only products I bring with me on every trip, however, these awesome, reliable products are definitely my Go-To’s. If you are planning to travel somewhere hot, cold, rainy, or windy, these products are reliable and small enough to fit in your purse!

I’ll talk to you guys soon!



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