Independence Day

I lived in Pakistan for a few years, from third to the end of seventh grade. That is where I learned how to read the gorgeous language, where I was the only girl in Tae Kwon Doe but still beat every boy I sparred, where I fell in love with eating makai (corn cooked by sifting it through a blend of hot sand and spices), and so much more.

Pakistan was and will forever be my home. I relished in how the people there took so much pride in wearing their traditional clothing, in their food, and in their language.

However, no matter how beautiful Pakistan is, no matter how gorgeous the clothes are, and how damn good the food is, it is also home to large population of poverty.

I, thank God, had the opportunity to wake up in my air conditioned room, which was painted my favorite color and was able to attend private school. However, when I would look out my window, there would literally be children sleeping on the sun hardened sand and would rummage through our trash to find morsels of food. That was reality.

These children were my age and were left to fend for themselves. Many were forced to become beggars and would knock on car windows all day in the scorching heat. I knew of maids who would have to take their children out of government schools because they could no longer pay the fees, and these kids would be forced into labor. Their opportunity to escape this constant cycle had begun to diminish.

Pakistan is my home but it is also somewhere that requires our assistance. We have been blessed enough to afford $50 makeup palettes and designer clothes, not that there is anything bad about that! But I also feel it is our responsibility to our brothers and sisters in our homeland to help them in what little way we can. I have attached some amazing charities I know of below.

I like to keep it real and I also like to help and think it would be amazing if you thought so as well.

Talk to you guys soon!


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