Warm Toned Smoky Eye

Hey guys!

Smoky eyes are always something I was fascinated with. The classic silver and black smoky eye look would be my go to look for all weddings or parties when I was a freshmen in high school.

Later on that year, however, I stumbled upon my Beauty Guru role model, Jaclyn Hill, who did a tutorial on a warm toned look. That is when I discovered makeup could be versatile and fun.

I began experimenting with makeup and fell in love with the artistic aspect of it. Makeup is supposed to be fun but I was always too afraid to venture outside of putting colorful eyeliner on to match my hijab (oh my gosh, I know).


This red and brown eyeshadow look is inspired by Jaclyn's warm toned smoky eye- a kind of tribute to her for setting me free and allowing me to truly express myself through makeup.


In this look, I used my first ever purchased Morphe palette, the 35O which I am still just as obsessed with as I was on day 1. This look is done entirely using this palette.


I started by applying this yellow tone shade over my entire lid, to the brow bone, with a large fluffy Morphe blending brush. This ensures a smooth base for the darker colors and allows them to be blended more easily.

light brown.png

Next, I applied the light brown shade as a transition color between the darker brown and red eye shadow. By doing so, your shadows will blend easier and more seamlessly. This was done utilizing a smaller blending brush.

dark brown.png

I applied this brown color using a dome shaped blending brush on the outer half my eye and kept packing until it was a beautiful, smooth dark brown shade. Remember to blend, blend, blend, otherwise the dark brown will not look smooth, rather, like someone smudged some dirt on your eye!


To create that warm tone smoke look, I applied some red shadow on the outside of the dark brown shadow as kind of a halo. Using a fluffy blending brush, I lightly applied the red shade around the brown and blended until it looked smoked out and smooth.

glitter shade.png

On my lid, I applied this beautiful, mettalic reddish brown shade, packing it on using a flat shader brush. I did not have setting spray on me, however, if you're looking for a wet BA-BAM look, I would definitely recommend spraying some on your brush and then applying the lid color. This will definitely give you a more dramatic look!



After applying my foundation and completing my face routine, I smudged the same dark brown and then red as a halo effect under my eyes. Make sure to connect both the lower and upper shadows- this helps create a cohesive look.


Afterward, I applied my favorite black Kohl in my tight line and water line. The final step was applying my favorite mascara and, voila! A beautiful red tone smoky eye.



I wanted to keep the look a little monochromatic so I wore some red liquid lipstick as well. If you want the keep the focus on your eyes, though, try wearing a brown toned nude and your eyes will stun everyone who walks by!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I'll talk to you guys soon!




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