6 Reasons I fell in Love with Chi-Town


I have visited quite a few cities in my life, however, Chicago was always a destination I wanted to visit but never had the chance to escape to. That changed this past month, when my husband decided to take a spontaneous trip to his favorite city the day after our wedding weekend.


  1. Chicago is breathtaking; its differentiating styles DSC_0055and heights of buildings merged together creates a mosaic that anyone can immediately appreciate. I love all things art, but even my analyst husband noted just how gorgeous it was that a black modern building sits next to a marble, gothic style store. It’s almost a symbol for the blended population itself, living in harmony.DSC_0065
  2. There also always seems to be an event occurring in the robust city. When we went, it was the Taste of Chicago. My family just returned from Chicago themselves this week, after my raving reviews, and mentioned the city was hosting events to get their citizens excited about Lollapalooza that will be taking place August 3-6.DSC_0720
  3. Not only that, but there are, like, THREE levels to this city, which I personally think makes me feel as if I am in a fairytale. Chicago took full advantage of every single space they had and not in a half ass kind of way either. Every level is full of parks, restaurants, stores, and the like. I love how you can sit on the edge of the river while having lunch and reading a book or be on the top floor, walking through Michigan Avenue, their shopping HEAVEN.**Side note: Chicago has some amazing sales. I probably spent over half of my
    paycheck in Zara and TopShop!DSC_0215
  4. THE RIVER. Why can’t Atlanta have a gorgeous blue-green body of water flowing through it? DSC_0213Our hotel was located directly on the edge of the river, so the view was as if you were floating on water, looking at a city directly across from you. Navy Pier is also a wonderful locality. I recommend renting a bike and going around the coast of the river. It is truly a site for sore eyes!
  5. It is so impressive to see that almost every type of cuisine is easily available within a 5 mile radius. I particularly fell in love with Firecakes, a small dessert eaterDSC_0447y known for their remarkable donuts. Not only are their donuts soft, moist, and not too sweet, but they provide coffee and milk (and milk substitutes!) to go along with your holey heaven cake. Nandos, a well known European chain restaurant, is also there, and was heavily enjoyed by my partner in crime and I. Imperial Lamian was another amazing find, which is a Chinese restaurant that specializes in a delicious variety of Dim Sum.DSC_0187
  6. Finally, Devon Street felt like a slice of Pakistan was taken out and placed in the outskirt of the city. I fell in love with Devon Street. People dressed in traditional DSC_0802Pakistani/Indian attire walking down the street, the infused smell of chai, Gulab Jamun, and Nihari, and the lineup of gorgeous boutiques brought me back to Clifton streets in Karachi. It was wonderfully authentic, and even if you are not desi, I definitely recommend taking a few hours and spending it in this “Mini Pakistan”.


** Funny Story: I ran into one of my childhood classmates and friends from Karachi in King Sweets, a cafe, where I recommend trying the Chum Chum. I did not even know he was in this continent, but it fulfilled my entire experience as I felt like I was back home for a bit. My cultural home.

I could probably go on about how friendly the people of Chicago were, how the streets were uncommonly clean for a city, and how there seemed to an enormous amount of museums that one could visit. Chicago is probably on my list of top cities ever, and I hope this post convinces you to visit this blue-green encompassed gem one day to experience the same joy I did!


What is your favorite city in the world?

Talk to you guys soon!





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